Say No - Mean No

Say no, mean no
  • Worried about your mate?
  • Shared something you shouldn’t have?
  • Feeling pressured into doing something?
  • Not sure who you’re gaming with?
  • Or just want to stay safer online?

There are lots of organisations who can help you.

Visit Childline for advice about online, gaming and mobile safety or call 0800 1111.

’For Me’ is the Childline app designed by young people for young people. It gives you free, secure online advice.

Childnet has tips on how to stay safe on social media platforms.

The 'Send this instead' app has a huge range of alternative messages you can send if you feel under pressure to sext and puts you back in control.

Think U Know has information on sex, relationships and the internet.

MESMAC can provide support for young men who are worried about online safety.

Samaritans can provide you with support if things are difficult and you’re not sure who to turn to. Samaritans is free to call on 116 123

Internet matters has lots of resources to help you learn more about online safety.

You can also talk to an adult you trust, such as a teacher or youth worker, to see if they can help you, or if you think someone is in trouble. The best way to get help is to ask for it.