How we sell land and property

The Council owns a wide variety of land and property types across the district ranging from industrial units and shops to grazing land. Some of these may be offered to rent whilst land and property that the Council no longer requires may be advertised for sale.

The Council usually sells property through auction, informal tender/sealed offer or via private treaty/negotiation.


We currently use Pugh & Co to sell land and property at auctions which are scheduled throughout the year.

Details of forthcoming auction dates and also properties offered for sale at auction together with a guide to buying property at auction can be found on this website and on Pugh’s website.

A Pugh & Co sale board will be put up on properties going to auction and advertisements are placed in local newspapers.

Please note that occasionally advertised properties may be withdrawn from sale before the auction takes place. If this happens the council is not liable for other parties’ abortive costs.

Informal tender / sealed offer

Interested parties are invited to submit an offer for a property on a pre printed form by a given deadline.

Interested parties may be asked to provide supporting information about their offer on the pre printed offer form.

Details of properties currently offered for sale via informal tender / sealed offer can be found on the Council website.

Private treaty / negotiation

This is similar to buying a house whereby people interested in buying the property are invited to submit an offer which may be subject to further negotiation.

A sale board is erected on the property, local newspaper adverts are placed and details of available properties are placed on the Council website.

There is no deadline for receipt of offers and you should be aware that until a sale has been agreed the Council may be in negotiations with more than one party.

Land and Property Disposal Policy

The Council has to comply with its statutory responsibilities in the sale of surplus land and property assets. Please see our Land and Property Disposal Policy for more information.  

Occasionally we may be approached direct by someone asking if they can buy a particular property. If this happens we will consider whether or not the Council has a continued requirement for the property and whether a disposal satisfies the Council’s Land and Property Disposal Policy.

It should be noted, however, that when selling land and property the Council has a statutory obligation to obtain best consideration. Please note that when offering land and property for sale the Council is not required to accept any offer.

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