Commissioning Adult Health and Social Care Services

Market Shaping

Market shaping is the way the Council will work in collaboration with partner organisations, people who access care services, their carers and families. Through this approach the Council will facilitate the market in the area for care, support and related activities.

A Market Position Statement has been produced to detail the Council's view of the current state of the social care and support market in Bradford, how it intends to work with the market in the future and the opportunities for business change providers may want to consider. The document can be downloaded below.

During last quarter of 2015 and 2016 specialist Market briefings and other associated documents will be produced to further inform the market as the Council implements its commissioning strategy for Adult and Community Services.

Specialist Market Briefings

The Adult and Community Services Department will be introducing a series of Market Briefings to encourage and support providers to meet the needs of individuals and to support the personalisation agenda locally.

The briefings will:

  • share the Council’s thinking and future commissioning intentions
  • aim to stimulate ongoing discussions with providers
  • act as a feedback mechanism for people in the market place to share ideas
  • inform the provider market leading to more comprehensive engagement.

Within this section of the website, there is information on current commissioning activity and associated documents.

Carers Strategy

Day opportunities for older people

Independent advocacy

Information and advice

Supported Living

Integrated Personalised Support and Care Framework

Integrated Residential and Nursing Care

Framework Launch Event 30.11.16

Non-framework meeting slides 10.11.16

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