Housing Benefit Review

If we have contacted you, asking you to confirm your Housing Benefit details, you can do so by completing the form below.

You will need your claim reference and your access key, which you will find on the letter or email we have sent to you.

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What is the Housing Benefit review?

The Housing Benefit review is an initiative introduced by the Department of Work and Pensions, which requires each Local Authority to review a sample of their existing Housing Benefit cases. The exercise will check that the information held on an individual’s Housing Benefit claim is up to date and it includes both working age and pensioner claimants.

If your Housing Benefit claim has been included in the sample of cases required for review you will be sent an email or a letter requesting that you to go online and complete a full case review form. The correspondence will show your benefit claim reference number and also detail your unique access key, for example 12345678ABCDEF. You will need to input this key in the online review form in order to access and update your Housing Benefit claim details. 

Each section of your claim must be reviewed even if there has been no change and the online review form fully completed. If you do not complete your form your Housing Benefit claim will be cancelled.

If you require support in completing your form you can contact our Customer Services department for assistance on 01274 432722 or visit one of our offices. The start and end of the week are the busiest times for our staff so if you need assistance you may wish to contact our offices from Tuesday to Thursday.

Information about filling in the form

The review could take up to 15 minutes to complete therefore please ensure you have set aside adequate time in order to fully check and update your details where required.

Please note that the review must be completed in one session as it is not possible to save nor submit a partially completed form, make sure you have all of your details to hand before you start filling in the form, for example up to date earnings details, capital balances, and rent details.

Supporting evidence of any change, such as wage slips or bank accounts can be uploaded and attached to the form. However,  if you do not have the documents available when you complete the form these can be uploaded and sent to Benefits via benefits@bradford.gov.uk ensuring you quote your benefit claim reference number and "Full Case Review" in your email header. If you are unable to send your documentation via email it can be posted to Housing Benefits and Reductions, PO Box 1251, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 9YY.

Complete your Housing Benefit Review now

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to complete a review form?

The Department of Works and Pensions have asked Local Authorities to review a percentage of their caseload.  If you have been requested to complete a review your claim has been identified as part of the sample.

What happens if I do not fill in the form?

If a completed form is not returned after a month your benefit claim will be suspended and a letter issued to you.  If after a further month your review form has not been received your claim will be cancelled.

What happens if my claim is cancelled?

If you are of working age you will have to claim your housing costs via Universal Credit and submit a new claim for Council Tax Reduction. If you have reached retirement age you will need to submit a new claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

What is an access key?

Your personal access key will be detailed in the initial email or letter sent to you requesting that you complete a full case review. The key is an alpha-numeric code which you are required to input into the online form at the beginning of your review in order for you to access your personal details held on your benefit claim. 

What if my partner does not have a National Insurance number, how can I proceed through the form?

If your partner has not been issued with a National Insurance number you can enter the details as follows.  Firstly, enter for all cases AA, followed by their date of birth and then add another A at the end.  For example, for a date of birth on the 01/05/1960 this would be input as AA010560A. 

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