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Our Lord Mayor’s Appeal for the civic year 2016-2017 will be for YoungMinds.

At a time when the nation is moving towards taking mental health as seriously as physical health, Bradford’s population is getting younger. Within the next five years Bradford will find itself with a younger population profile than any other city in Europe. Our local health services recognise that this means that the mental health of children and young people within the District is a clear priority and this must be reflected in the way statutory services design their structures and allocate resources.

The charity YoungMinds exists to ensure that our children and young people - and their parents - are aware of the services on offer and where to find them. YoungMinds also helps them to secure the services required to meet their individual needs. Because young people are involved in developing the work of the charity, it offers a user-friendly style and language that can open up conversations with young people who feel themselves to be in desperate situations, reaching those who might fall through the net of mental healthcare provision.

While the Appeal concentrates on raising funds for the charity, we want to raise the profile of YoungMinds within the Bradford District. This will help Bradford children, young people and their parents to make use of the services YoungMinds has to offer. We hope the Appeal will help local organisations to think about ways in which they might be able to work in imaginative partnerships with YoungMinds. Who would have imagined that in April 2016 the Guides would introduce a new “Think Resilient” badge, which was produced in collaboration with YoungMinds, following research that showed that nearly half of young women aged 17 to 21 in the UK needed help with a mental health issue?

YoungMinds activities include:

  • Helping parents contribute to the mental health of their children e.g. through the parents helpline. 
  • Promoting HeadMeds, a unique website, launched in March 2014, about mental health medication for young people during a time which is often confusing, frightening and isolating. 
  • Lobbying and contributing to policy development around the issue of children and young people's emotional wellbeing and mental health.

We see this as a charity whose time has come and hope that people in Bradford will see it as deserving their support in the year 2016-2017.

If you would like more to support Lord Mayor’s Appeal, receive information on future events or make a donation please contact the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Co-ordinator. Thank you.

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Contact details

Lord Mayor’s Appeal Co-ordinator
Civic Affairs
City Hall

Phone : 01274 434965
Email : lordmayorsappeal@bradford.gov.uk

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