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The Lord Mayor’s Appeal 2023-2024 supports Bradford Cinderella Club.

If you would like to support the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Charities for 2023-2024, and receive more information on future events over the year or make a donation, please contact the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Co-ordinator, Emma Walker on 01274 434965 or by email at lordmayorsappeal@bradford.gov.uk

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Bradford Cinderella Club

Bradford Cinderella Club. Providing for under privileged children since 1890.

Bradford Cinderella Club is within the DNA of the people of Bradford having provided treats to underprivileged children since its first event in Thackley Woods in 1890, very difficult to say how many youngsters have benefitted from the generosity of Bradford people who have always supported our great charity but it would probably not be an exaggeration to say in excess of a hundred thousand youngsters have benefited in one way or another of treats provided by ‘Cinderella Club’, a vast number of my generation and older fondly remember of holiday to Hest Bank which sadly closed in the late seventies.

The holiday home was perhaps the biggest provider of treats to Bradford children in our first eighty years ensuring those fortunate to go enjoyed the most memorable week by the sea, so many wonderful memories. It was these memories that 100 years later saw us develop our tired building in Little Germany into a Crash Pad for youngsters where they could go for a couple of nights and be cared and looked after without the threat of nastiness happening to them at their home, sad times things like this are still happening.

As well as the holiday events provided in the past, and the current Crash Pad facility we continue in other ways to assist where we can those children less fortunate than their peers, it could be a trip to the cinema, a school residential, clothing, anything we are able to provide to make that youngster feel part of ‘normal’ while at school or visiting different arranged events, such as Brownies, Cubs, a choir, any number of things that engage underprivileged children we will fund where appropriate. 

We are fortunate that we are able to adapt to the times to meet the needs of children, though in over 130 years, little has really changed in that regard, in 1890 we gave out lots of clothes and clogs, in 2022, we gave out lots of clothes and some shoes. In the 1890’s we ensured lots of children had treats, in 2022, we continue to do the same, times change, the need hasn’t, maybe it has!

At Christmas in the sixties and seventies, we would provide a show and after a selection box and toy for maybe 2,000 children, last Christmas we distributed over 1,000 shoeboxes filled with small gifts, games, pens, pencils, small things but we know from feedback mean a lot.

We are not a charity that will fund trips to Disney World, we are a charity who will work away mainly anonymously doing what we can to make those kids that are not having the best deal in life at least have something to smile about for a short time, that’s what we do; we put smiles on children’s faces.

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