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Why do we investigate fraud against the council?

Fraud affects every organisation in the public and private sector and it is estimated that over £52 billion is lost from the UK economy each year due to fraud.

Over £2.1 billion of this loss relates to Local Government and the impacts on Council's have far reaching consequences and reduce the amount of money that can be spent on delivering front line services to those who need it most.

Fraud is never a victimless crime and in local government the victims are Council Tax payers and residents who depend on the essential services the Council delivers.

There is more information about what we do in our policy strategy and sanctions policy documents attached to this page.

What types of fraud do we investigate?

The council’s Corporate Fraud Unit investigates many types of fraud against the council. This includes:

Providing false information to claim a council discount, allowance, benefit, exemption, relief or loan

This could relate to:

  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates
  • Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Personal budgets (direct payments) for Adult Social Care
  • West Yorkshire Pension Fund
  • Home improvement loans

You can report benefit/discount/etc fraud online.

Misuse of a disabled person’s parking permit (Blue Badge)

Find out about Blue Badge fraud online, or you can directly report Blue Badge misuse online.

Social Tenancy Housing fraud

This normally relates to a Bradford resident who is a tenant of a Social Housing property who:

  • sublets or parts with possession of the property or ceases to occupy the property as their only or principal home
  • provides false information to gain a tenancy

You can report social tenancy housing fraud online.

Other types of fraud against the council

The types of fraud mentioned above are just examples and don’t cover every type of fraud that we investigate. If you suspect that someone is defrauding the council in any way, you can report it in total confidence using the forms or contact details attached to this page.

  • Online: complete one of the referral forms attached to this page
  • Email:
  • Telephone: call the confidential fraud hotline 01274 437511
  • Post: Corporate Fraud Unit, Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX

Specific examples of fraud investigations

Case study - Business Rate fraud

The owner of a large industrial unit attempted to avoid paying Business Rates. The owner did this by providing details for multiple businesses said to be occupying the unit who should therefore be liable to pay the rates themselves.

Following an investigation, the information provided by the owner was proved to be fake and the owner was re-charged Business Rates for the period in question and was billed for £30,000.

Case study - Blue Badge fraud

Vehicle parked on Kirkgate (disabled bay), Bradford displaying disabled persons Blue Badge. Council Wardens suspicions were raised as driver appeared to be 30+ however this was an 84 year old's badge. A call was made to the badge holder who was found to be at home. The driver was identified, interviewed under caution and prosecuted for Blue Badge misuse. Appearing in court the driver received a fine of £60 with a Victim Surcharge of £30 and had to pay £200 towards costs.

Case study - tenancy fraud

File raised following an allegation that a tenant was not living at their Registered Social Landlord property. Numerous visits were made to the property which appeared to be empty and unoccupied, attempts to make contact with the tenant failed. Advised the landlord to seek possession through the courts - this was granted and the property was returned ‘stock’ ready for another tenant.

Are there any statistics on the work that the Corporate Fraud team has done?

Yes - have a look at our Freedom of Information - Corporate Fraud page.

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Contact details

Corporate Fraud Unit
Britannia House
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Corporate Fraud hotline : 01274 437511
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