Our submission to the Government's Autumn Statement Review 2023

As the Government prepares its Autumn Statement Bradford Council has made its submission setting out a 6 point plan that:

  • Meets the immediate financial challenges and funds local authorities fairly.
  • Delivers urgently needed resources and reforms in Childrens and Adults social care.
  • Addresses cost pressures in home to school transport and SEND.
  • Enables Bradford to work with Government to reduce cost and demand pressures through innovation in early help and prevention and flexibilities in public spending.
  • Builds on commitments to a Bradford through rail station and levelling up of the District.
  • Delivers enhanced powers and resources to West Yorkshire

Bradford council and our partners are committed to playing our part in realising national ambitions to level up the economy. A successful Britain needs a successful Bradford District and the proposals will help us to build a better, fairer future.