Citizen Coin

Citizen Coin Bradford

What is Citizen Coin?

The Citizen Coin scheme aims to recognise and reward people for doing social good. This can be when people take part in doing things to help others by volunteering or by getting involved in civic activities to make Bradford District a great place for everyone.

How does it work?

People can earn digital discount coins via a mobile app when undertaking social value activities, such as volunteering. They can then use the coins to get discounts off goods and services at participating retailers. Those earning coins can also opt to donate their coins to other people and organisations. The app records activity undertaken to earn the coin, and produces data reports for the programme, individuals and organisations that are participating in the scheme.

The app is free and does not cost anyone anything! 

What can Citizen Coin do for Bradford District as a whole? 

We believe in the power of sharing kindness, creating a culture where people help each other to feel safe, get along, get involved and get on. Citizen Coin brings many benefits not only for our local people who are doing amazing things every day to make a positive difference, but for our local economy too, some examples include:

  • More people start to volunteer or increase the amount of volunteering they are already doing
  • More people take part in new and or more activities getting more active and healthier
  • More people take part in civic and social activities
  • More people gain new skills, building on getting jobs or better jobs
  • More people explore the District accessing places, services which they may not normally visit
  • More philanthropy – increased sharing, giving and kindness between people
  • More equality of opportunity – increased opportunities to take part and give
  • Increased spend with participating retailers and services
  • Increased engagement between volunteers, community services, organisations and businesses
  • Increased use of new technologies via an app - fun way of getting people to engage with each other, local business and services through new technology 
  • Improved environmental impacts – more cleans up, pride in place, protecting and caring for our place and our people
  • Tackling social isolation and confidence
  • Local people feel more valued and belong.

What can Citizen Coin do for Bradford District's retailers and businesses?

Citizen Coin offers businesses the flexibility to do what they need to do to increase their customer-base and give back to the community, all at zero cost.

Some positives for joining the scheme include:

  • Connect businesses with local citizens
  • Help to keep spending local
  • Help increase footfall, revenue and customer loyalty for retailers 
  • Promote local brands and businesses
  • Increase new customer base
  • Boost sales in quiet periods, so retailers can offer discounts on specific days or times of the week
  • Trial new products or services on a specific population
  • Recognise and record the positive social action retailers are making in their own business through the administration of a digital technology
  • Help retailers meet corporate social responsibility goals allowing them to reward their customers who do good things.

What can Citizen Coin do for organisations, groups or project providers who reward people for doing social good?

Many organisations, groups or projects rely on people every day to volunteer, to get involved in *civic or social activities or simply be a voice to help make things better. These people give up their time to get involved in activities. Put simple, Citizen Coin gives us unique way to say ‘Thank you’.

The scheme also provides rewarding agencies with a free platform to advertise their activities, encouraging and recruiting people and new people to take part.

All transactional data is captured, producing accurate output reports on all activities for organisations.

The technology records all participation undertaken by users; creating Social CVs, which can then be used to evidence:

  • What and how much volunteering has taken place
  • Support career development applications
  • Educational advancements

How to join

Download Citizen Coin app from the App Store, Google Play, visit the Bradford Citizen Coin website or email

What is Civic Participation?

Civic Participation is driven by people to improve their own and other people’s lives. It is when individuals or groups get involved in formal or informal activities which can help improve life in communities and neighbourhoods. Some examples include voting; volunteering; neighbourhood watch; organising community gardens or clean ups; participating at events, focus groups or consultations to address public concerns or to improve the quality of life or a place.