City of Sanctuary

Bradford City of Sanctuary

What is a City of Sanctuary?

A City of Sanctuary is a place of safety and welcome for people who have fled situations of extreme danger in their own countries.

Bradford is one of a number of cities in the UK to be formally recognised as a ‘City of Sanctuary’ by the national City of Sanctuary movement. National recognition helps raise the profile of the city as being a safe and tolerant city where migrant communities can flourish.

Bradford - a place of migration

Bradford is the diverse face of modern Britain and has a long history of welcoming migrants from all parts of the world, particularly Eastern Europe and South Asia. Their ancestors and communities provide us with a rich heritage of cultures. Our migrant communities have made major contributions to the prosperity of the local economy and to the lives of our communities. Bradford has been a place of sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugees through the Home Office’s contracted dispersal programme since 1999. We currently have over 800 asylum seekers dispersed in the city; many will have their applications for refugee status accepted. Bradford has a proud tradition of accepting people from all around the world, many of whom have fled persecution in their home country. The UK's history and success would be very different without the enterprise and skills of those who have come to settle here. Refugees often possess a wealth of knowledge and talent that can contribute socially, economically and culturally to shaping communities. Many are highly educated and have left behind high-powered careers and families because of severe religious, political or gender persecution.

Some who originally came to Bradford as refugees and migrant workers are now settled communities, making a valued contribution to the city's economic, cultural and political life. Bradford Council recognises this and acknowledges the responsibility on all of us to provide a welcoming and supportive environment.

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