Grit bins

A grit bin on a pavement

When do you fill up the grit bins?

We do refill the grit bins but our main concern is always given to maintaining priority gritting routes.

Can I use the salt from the grit bins?

The rock salt in the roadside grit bins is for use on the highway; please don’t use it for private access or on your own property or we may not be able to replenish the stock.

Applications for new grit bin locations

We will assess any application for new grit bin locations in line with the approved assessment criteria matrix (see below) which adopts a risk based approach to the assessment of locations. The use of this assessment matrix will ensure that only those locations where the greatest risk of danger to the public due to the present of snow and ice are prioritised for deployment of grit bins.

Where an application is received for a new grit bin an assessment of the location will be undertaken by Council officers throughout the winter season to ensure that the site meets the minimum criteria threshold. Where a site is not deemed to meet these criteria the application is removed from the list of potential sites and if contact information is provided at the time of application the applicant is informed of the Council’s decision. There is no right of appeal against the outcome of this decision.

Where a site meets the minimum threshold, and alternative sources of grit bin provision under the Community Grit bin scheme are not appropriate the site will be added to the list of sites for future grit bin deployment. New grit bin deployments will only take place prior to the commencement of the winter season; therefore any new sites will be established in the following winter season, subject to appropriate budgetary provision.

Community grit bin scheme

During the Winter of 2017-18 the Council introduced a Community Grit bin scheme. This scheme allowed several Town Councils to purchase grit bins with rock salt from the Council at a cost of £100 for deployment around their parish without relying on the Council to assess and deploy facilities in line with its own procedures. Grit bins which were provided under this scheme are managed by the respective Town or Parish Council and not Bradford Council. Where Community Grit Bins stock of salt becomes depleted further replenishment can be arranged by the Town or Parish Council with Bradford Council at a charge of £50 per bin.

The Town and Parish Councils who have taken part in this scheme have surveyed their own areas and decided on the location of the grit bins which they will provide - these details are confirmed with the Highways Team. This particular scheme has been very successful.

Arrangements for Town and Parish Councils in considering applications for new locations will vary depending upon the requirements of those bodies. Applications for grit bins to be provided under the Community Grit bin scheme should be made direct to the appropriate office as described on their websites.

Assessment criteria matrix

Council officers use this matrix to assess whether a new grit bin is needed. The total score needs to be over 125 to pass.

Characteristic Severity Point
  Carriageway gradient Greater than 1 in 10 75
1 in 10 to 1 in 30 40
Less than 1 in 30 0
  Altitude Land over 700ft 75
Land over 500ft 50
Land between 250-500ft 25
  Distance to next grit bin Less than 200m 0
200m to 400m 15
More than 400m 20
  Close proximity to and falling towards and away from junctions Heavily trafficked road 80
Moderately trafficked road 60
Lightly trafficked road 30
Not falling NIL
  Number of premises for which this is the only access Over 100 30
50 to 100 20
20 to 50 10
0-20 0
  High traffic or strategic general location and high pedestrian movements Schools or community centres 25
Designated old persons accommodation 25
Clinics or doctors surgeries 25
  Road priority On priority 1 Main Road Gritting Route -50
On Priority 2 Side Road Gritting Route -50