New sports centres

Why do we need new sports facilities?

A number of Bradford’s existing sport and leisure centres are coming to the end of their life-span and are considered no longer fit for purpose. Some of the District’s facilities now represent a financial burden to the Council due to rising running and maintenance costs.  In these times of austerity the Council needs to look how it best provides services today, but also to ensure that we have can provide for future generations.

The proposed new leisure centres

We will provide two new, exciting, modern leisure centres that will encourage even more people to take up physical activity. By building these new modern leisure facilities we can deliver a greatly improved experience for leisure centre customers as well as significantly reduce running costs.

The new sports facilities will be located to better serve Bradford’s residents. Every community should be within a reasonable distance of a high quality leisure centre.

This programme of facility development will result in some of our older facilities closing. We have made a commitment that new facilities will open before the outdated facilities close. Proceeds from the sale of these old sites will help to pay for the new facilities.

The new facilities will be delivered one after another. 

The first facility to be delivered was Sedbergh Sports and Leisure Centre, which opened in November 2019. 

Design work for the Squire Lane development began in late 2017.

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