Cycling to work

Cycle Park Facilities

Cycle park facilities are available at railway stations in the district. Information about taking your bike on the train can be found on the West Yorkshire Metro website.

Support for people who cycle to work or want to start cycling

The CityConnect programme offers a range of ways for both businesses and their employees to get into cycling.  For more information visit

Bradford also has a cyclists' forum which meets quarterly and is open to all who wish to have a voice in the Bradford cycling community. Their blog is at

Bike Bus

Those living along the Aire Valley corridor and with enough cycling confidence to get straight out and give cycle commuting a go might want to join the Aire Valley bike bus. The bike bus is a group of cyclists with varying levels of ability who cycle from Keighley to Bradford and back again in the evening every Wednesday.

Bike Budi

If you want some company on your bike ride (whether that is to work or just for fun), this online system matches you up with others going the same route, so you can ride together. To sign up visit the Bike Budi website.

British Cycling

If you're interested in cycling as a commuter or for recreation take a look at the British Cycling website for all sorts of interesting advice and news.

The Cycle Superhighway & City Connect

Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway is a segregated cycle route between Leeds and Bradford, running from Leeds city centre along the A647 to the new Broadway shopping centre right in the heart of Bradford. The highway offers the opportunity to cycle and walk, away from the traffic.

City Connect who created the Superhighway are also providing a range of new activities and support packages to encourage everyone to use the route. To find out about the route and events visit

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