Core Strategy DPD

Core Strategy Partial Review

As of mid-2020, the Council is preparing a single Local Plan which includes work undertaken to date on the Core Strategy Partial Review and land allocations. For further information please see the Local Plan webpage.

What is the Core Strategy?

The Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) forms an essential part of the Local Plan for Bradford setting the strategic planning framework and policies to guide development within the District up to 2030.

The Core Strategy:

  • sets out the broad aims and objectives for sustainable development within the Bradford District for the next 15 to 20 years.
  • sets out broad policies for guiding and restraining development.
  • sets out the broad locations for new housing, employment and infrastructure investment.
  • covers a broad range of important policy topics, including housing, employment, transport, retail, leisure and environmental policy areas
  • takes account of national and regional planning policy along with the Council's Community Strategy.
  • does not allocate specific sites for new housing and employment development.
  • helps to determine planning applications.

Core Strategy Partial Review

The Core Strategy is currently under review. Further details about the background to the review can be found within the 'Background and Context' box above.

The key stages within the preparation of the Core Strategy Partial Review are available within the boxes above.