CIL charging schedule and calculating CIL

The Bradford District Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule (PDF) was formally approved by Full Council on 21 March 2017 and took effect from 1 July 2017. 

CIL Indexation

CIL payments must be index linked from the year that CIL was introduced to the year that the planning permission has been granted.  In line with the Regulation 40, CIL Rates have been index linked using the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) CIL Index. 

For the year 2024 this is an increase of 33.2% on the original CIL rates as published in 2017.

Indexation will be set out on an annual basis in line with the CIL Regulations. All CIL Liability Notices issued by the council from January 2024 onwards will include indexation in the calculation of the chargeable amount.

Use of Development 2024 CIL Charge plus indexation (£ per sq m) Previous CIL rate 2023 (£ per sq m)       Original CIL rate (£ per sq m)
*Residential Zone 1 £133.20 £124.10 £100
*Residential Zone 2 £66.60 £62.50 £50
*Residential Zone 3 £26.64 £24.82 £20
*Residential Zone 4 £0 £0 £0
Retail Warehouses (central Bradford) £113.22 £105.48 £85
Large supermarket (>2000 sqm) £66.60 £62.50 £50
All other uses £0 £0 £0

*This charge applies to the creation of one or more dwellings, and residential extensions or annexes over 100 square metres or more gross internal area. It does not apply to specialist older persons’ housing (also known as sheltered/retirement/extra care).

For further information on the indexation and how we have calculated it, please see the Indexation Update document available in the Documents section on this page.

Interactive CIL Charging Zone map

Use the interactive CIL charging zone map to find out which charge rate applies to your development. 

How is CIL Calculated

CIL is calculated by multiplying the chargeable area by the relevant CIL rate.

CIL Calculator

Calculate your potential CIL liability using the online CIL calculator.

For more information please refer to How to measure floorspace for CIL (PDF).