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Activities at our outdoor centres

Day activities

Activity Buckden House Ingleborough Hall
Caving Yes Yes
Gorge scrambling   Yes Yes
Local walks (photo trails) Yes Yes
Hill walks, such as Buckden Pike and Ingleborough Hill Yes Yes
Tree climbing Yes Yes
Abseiling Yes Yes
High Ropes (Leap of Faith, High Wires, Log and Beams) Yes No
Archery Yes Yes
Bushcraft and shelter building Yes Yes
Orienteering Yes Yes
Geocaching No Yes
Village study Yes Yes
Team building and problem solving Yes Yes
Show cave Yes Yes
River study Yes Yes
Rockabout Yes Yes

Evening activities

Activity Buckden House Ingleborough Hall
Campfire and BBQ Yes Yes
Nightline Yes Yes
Country dancing Yes Yes
BATZ trail Yes Yes
Games Yes Yes