Why join Team Bradford at Bradford Council?

If you care about making a difference and believe in the work you do (or the work you want to do), then we want to hear from you.  Our workforce changes lives, so whatever the job might be, if you want to do it to the best of your ability and are passionate about the district then we want you in Team Bradford.

Take a look at our current vacancies to see if anything is suitable for you.

Bradford Council is a great place to work and below are just a few of the reasons why!


As the leading employer in the district, we care about creating a great place to work. We want every employee to be able to say they love their job, whatever that might be.

We provide support to help that happen, from recently improved performance management systems, to a wide range of training and development opportunities. 

The colleagues around you can make or break how you feel about work. Having positive workmates, with a can-do attitude, who want to help and who care about getting things right, can make a massive difference. Our Bradford Behaviours provide guidance about what is expected of all employees, to help make Bradford Council a great place to work for everyone.


We think it’s important that our colleagues care about the Bradford District and feel proud of the great place we work in and serve. 

Our #LoveBradford world record breaking achievement in September 2016 symbolised a wave of fantastic events and activities over the last couple of years. From fundraising Dragon Boat races to world class sporting events, via the Bradford Literature Festival, Bradford Festival and the much-loved family learning festival, ourselves and our partners across the district work hard to bring people together all year round.

Council colleagues are encouraged to support our district’s wide range of festivals and events, whether through work projects, volunteering opportunities or simply coming down and enjoying the fun on the day. It’s all part of feeling good about where you work and can also be a great way of getting to know colleagues, the Council and the district better.

What we are here to do 

We strive to keep all our colleagues up to date about what the Council is here to do, what we need to prioritise and how we should be working.

Our Council Plan sets out our commitment to achieve our priorities for the district. These are:

  • Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
  • Decent homes that people can afford to live in
  • A great start and good schools for all our children
  • Better health, better lives
  • Safe, clean and active communities
  • A well-run council, using all our resources to deliver our priorities

The Council Plan also sets out the principles of how we work. These help make sure we are working consistently. We are therefore committed to:

  • Working together
  • People in charge of their own lives
  • Equality
  • Every pound counts 

The Council has four Bradford Behaviours which represent how we perform at work and our expectations of each other. Having the right behaviours helps us raise our standards and makes the Council a better place to work for everyone. Our four behaviours are:

  • Positive - Being enthusiastic about the district and displaying a ‘can do’ attitude to our work and the services we support.
  • Engaging - Working with colleagues and stakeholders in a supportive and collaborative way, while listening to and valuing others’ views.
  • Responsible - Demonstrating clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and being able to link goals and objectives to the Council’s priorities.
  • Flexible - Responding quickly and effectively to change while embracing and supporting new ways of working.

Employee benefits

As a Bradford Council employee you can enjoy the benefits we have for our staff these include:

Pay - We aim to offer our employees a very competitive pay and benefits package.

West Yorkshire Pension Fund - We offer an excellent pension through the West Yorkshire Pension Fund  As an employee of Bradford Council you will be enrolled (if you have a contract of more than three months) to a pension scheme which has benefits including a career average pension and the option to take a tax free lump sum on retirement provided by the scheme.

Annual Travel Card - For our employees we have negotiated discounted prices on Annual MCard, FirstYear, KCard EXTRA & Northern Rail Season ticket.

  • 15% discount for MCards
  • 10% discount for Firstcards
  • 10% Keighley & District Cards
  • Pay for 40 weeks, get 12 weeks free for Northern Rail season tickets

Car Parking - We offer staff parking at discounted rates at a number of sites.

Cycle to Work - Bradford Council is running a scheme as part of our Green Travel Plan to encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work.  The scheme allows Bradford Council to loan-cycles and cycle safety equipment as part of a salary sacrifice scheme.

Service Excellence Awards / Employee of the Month - Employees make the biggest contribution to the delivery of services across the Council and naturally deserve to be recognised for that.  The aim of our Service Excellence Awards and Employee of the Month Scheme is to celebrate our employee successes and contributions for the work they undertake for the Council. 

Loyalty Awards - We recognise loyalty, dedication and hard work and regularly celebrate the contribution made by those who have completed 25 years of service.

MetroFit Card - we offer savings on an exclusive range of Bradford Council Fitness and Sports Activities.

MetroFit is part of a group of initiatives to encourage lifestyle changes that have proven benefits in promoting better general health and reducing stress.  MetroFit offers a 25% (approx.) discount on the standard sessional charge to all MetroFit Scheme members when they use one or more of the 7 fitness suites, 11 swimming pools and other recreational facilities across the district at any time.

Childcare Vouchers - We provide a childcare salary sacrifice scheme that can save you money on the cost of childcare. If you join this scheme, your gross salary will be reduced by the salary sacrifice amount. You will save money by not paying tax or National Insurance contributions on the amount that you have ‘sacrificed’.

Visitor Information Centre - You will receive a 25% discount at the Visitor Information Centre when purchasing items.

Bradford Credit Union - Are an ethical savings and loans company run by members who live or work within the Bradford District. They are a friendly alternative to high street banks, doorstep loan sharks and other costly money-lenders.  If you join the Credit Union your deductions can be made via payroll.

My Staff Shop - You can join My Staff Shop, which offers a range of voluntary benefits to save you money on everyday spending, from online shopping, days out at theme parks and eating out, through to organising your personal finances and insurance.

Team Bradford is a great team, so if you like what you have read then come and join us!

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