Completing the application form

The application form is divided into several sections. You need to complete each section with the necessary information.

Mandatory questions are displayed in bold and marked with an asterisk. If you do not complete a mandatory question, the system will not permit you to progress until you have completed that field with the necessary information.

Personal details

Please complete all of this section; areas shown with an asterisk at the side are mandatory. You will not be able to submit your application form unless all the mandatory fields have been completed and the system will advise you where there are any omissions.  For your convenience this data will be carried forward to any subsequent applications you make. 

Present employment

This needs to show your most current employer details. If you are not currently in employment please make reference to this.

Please tell us about your present employment or last job if you are currently unemployed. If you don't have any employment history, please answer 'NA' to all questions within this section.

Recent employment history

Please tell us about your employment history (paid and unpaid, voluntary). Please start with your most recent employment.

You need to give details of past employment relevant to the job you are applying for. Enter the names and addresses of past and present employers, starting with the most recent. You can also include any part-time or voluntary work you have carried out. If you include any voluntary work, list the name and address of the group(s) involved and include how many hours per week/month you worked.

You need to record all your employment history and if there are any breaks you need to explain any gaps in your employment history. 

Education and qualifications

Please provide details of your education and qualifications including those acquired through secondary school, further education, higher education, vocational studies.

Include in this section all school and further/higher education.

Ensure that results/grades are included, where and how obtained and exact dates (for example,  June 2010 - June 2011).

Where any qualifications are listed in the Job Profile you need to give the details of where and how you obtained them and specify the grades and year obtained. Please note you will be required to bring original certificates to the interview as evidence.

Professional qualifications

If qualifications are essential to the appointment then you will be required to produce copies at your interview. 

Training and development

Please list all relevant training courses undertaken including practical, in-house, commercial and special training courses. Include any apprenticeships, training schemes, evening classes and adult education.

Include all training relevant to the requirements of the post, including results, grades and dates obtained. 

Essential shortlisting criteria

Note: Bradford Council shortlists on the basis of the experience, special knowledge and qualifications you have which are relevant to the post being applied for.

In this section you are required to provide examples of how you meet the special knowledge and experience requirements of the role.  You need to demonstrate in your application form how you meet these as the selection panel will use this information to shortlist against the criteria listed.

Relevant experience

Please outline the recent experience you have gained from previous work which is relevant to this post, on an unpaid/voluntary/work experience basis. Please provide any relevant life skills which could be transferred into this job.

Special knowledge

Please outline the special knowledge you have gained from previous work which is relevant to this post, on either an unpaid/paid/voluntary or work experience basis. 


Please supply reference details. One of these must be your most recent/current employer.

Character references are accepted if an employment reference is not available, for example if you are leaving school or university. Please provide details of a teacher or tutor.

References from friends or relatives are not accepted.

Other information

Disability and reasonable adjustments 

The Council is committed to a fair and equitable process and to ensure that no one is disadvantaged within the selection process, therefore please inform the Chair of the Panel prior to your interview taking place of any reasonable adjustments that you may need in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 in relation to Disability Provision.

Equality monitoring 

As an equal rights employer, the council seeks a workforce which reflects the community it serves. To ensure that this policy is carried out effectively, we ask all applicants to provide information as requested on this page. Please note it will be used only for administrative and monitoring purposes and will be confidential and not used to discriminate against any individual applicant. 


If you are happy with your application form please complete this section then submit your application form.