Bradford Needle and Syringe Programme

The Bradford Needle and Syringe Programme was launched in 1987 as an initiative to prevent the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other infections through injecting drug use. It operates through pharmacies and drug services across the Bradford district, and provides a comprehensive range of free equipment, information and advice.

The service is aimed at anyone involved in injecting drug use, from people who are injecting street drugs such as heroin, through to bodybuilders using steroids. All information collected by the scheme is kept confidential.

We also provide comprehensive safe disposal facilities and all clients are strongly encouraged to return their used works for safe disposal.

To access this service please contact:

New Vision Bradford
Telephone: 01274 296023

For further information please contact the Needle and Syringe Programme.

What to do if you have found a needle

Finding a used needle or syringe can be worrying. Although there is little risk of contracting HIV infection, there is a very small chance that any cut or injury caused by a used needle could result in Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, tetanus or similar infection.

Children should be told to immediately inform an adult if they find a discarded needle, but not to touch or play with it.

How to dispose of used needles and syringes

  1. Find a container, such as a coke can/bottle, or glass jar with a secure lid. The container needs to be made of strong material that is unable to be pierced.
  2. Wear thick gloves, like gardening gloves, when handling needles or syringes.
  3. Take the container to the needles and avoid carrying used needles around. Pick up and hold the syringe by the base and not the point of the needle.
  4. Once you have safely secured the needle and syringe, you can take them to a needle exchange pharmacy or New Vision Bradford where they will be safely disposed of.
  5. In the event of finding a number of needles please call 01274 431000.

Needlestick injury

If you injure yourself with a needle, remain calm and try not to panic; encourage the wound to bleed by squeezing firmly and hold under cold running water for up to 5 minutes. Dry the wound and apply a plaster. Do not suck the wound.

If you are concerned, contact an accident and emergency department or a local drugs agency like New Vision Bradford.

Information about needles and syringes, and health and safety can be obtained from the nearest needle and syringe programme outlet, New Vision Bradford or health centre.

Bradford Needle Exchange Contractors

A complete up to date list of all Bradford District Needle Exchanges along with a map and guide to using online needle service provision can be found on the New Vision Bradford website.

Contact details

Bradford Needle Exchange Scheme

Phone : 01274 296023
Email :