Bradford District Good Food Strategy 2023

The Bradford District Good Food Strategy has been developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change emergency and rising cost of living. This has highlighted a deepened range of inequalities, including those around the cost and the supply of healthy sustainable food. The strategy sets out our vision for the future of how we produce, consume, and dispose of food across the district.

The Bradford Good Food Strategy is an opportunity for us to understand, connect and extend the food-related work that is underway in the health and public sector, in the private sector through food businesses, food producers, retailers, farmers and the agricultural sector and the voluntary, community and faith sector. It sets out a vision for the kind of food system that the District will need for the future, and a high-level plan for how to achieve that vision.

Our Vision is: "To put accessible and nutritious food for all at the heart of Bradford’s policies and actions. We do this in order to reduce health and social inequalities, to improve health and wellbeing and to create a secure and sustainable food system that works for people and strengthens our local economy".

Guiding principles of the Strategy are:

  • We put prevention first
  • We work to reduce food inequalities and promote dignity and choice
  • Our food sector is sustainable and ethical
  • People and communities are the District’s greatest assets
  • We are collaborative

The four key outcomes of the strategy are:

  • Creating an Eating Well culture – developing knowledge and skills, and access to healthy affordable food
  • Tackling Food Insecurities – increasing access to, and availability of, healthy fresh low cost food.
  • Community-led food growing – sustaining and expanding local food production
  • A sustainable food system for all – creating a resilient and sustainable food system which protects biodiversity and reduces impact on climate change

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Bradford Sustainable Food Partnership

The partnership was established in September 2022. Their role is to provide the operational direction of the ‘Good Food’ strategy, and to bring together key district partners to operate as a ‘Whole System’ to help influence and shape a healthier and more sustainable food system. They are a member of the national ‘Sustainable Food Places’ network.

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