Public Rights of Way in Bradford (Map of Paths)

Bradford District has a well developed network of over 1000km of urban and rural public rights of way for the walkers and riders to enjoy Bradford's natural environment and to access local facilities by foot, on horseback or cycle.

The Rights of Way Team keeps the Council’s official records of public paths and enforces relevant legislation. Officers in the section can give impartial advice on related issues and can ensure that problems reported on rights of way are referred to the appropriate Council Service.

Records of Public Rights of Way

We keep and update the Definitive Map and Statement (the legal record of public rights of way) and associated records and registers. The Definitive Map and Statement is a minimum record, there may be unrecorded rights which exist which are not recorded and of which we are not aware.

Online map of public rights of way (Map of Paths)

An online map of public rights of way to help you plan a walking or riding route can be viewed via the link below. This is a digitised interpretation of the Definitive Map and other records. This is not the legal record and so must not be relied upon for legal purposes.  It is a working copy and is updated or amended from time to time, therefore rights of way shown on it may occasionally change slightly. When you click on the link to the map, please read the subsequent information carefully.

View online maps of footpaths and bridleways (Map of Paths) 

This is a digitised interpretation of the Definitive Map and other records.

If you need to view the legal record of public rights of way please contact us to make an appointment to visit our office. If you contact us please give us details of the address, location or grid square you are interested in and your name and a contact telephone number or email address.

If a route that you use is not shown on these maps, or you think that a route is wrongly shown, please contact us. There are legal processes which can be followed to try to change the legal record. Rights of Way Officers can discuss with you the most appropriate process.

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