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Consultation and engagement

We want to give residents a say in shaping services and the future of the District

We actively seek participation from a wider audience, in order to ensure that consultations consider the full range of opinions, and to ensure that the decisions we make are guided by a real appreciation of the views of the residents and people of the District. We consider each individual contribution to the consultation process.

Occasionally, we will consult the residents of the District by direct engagement, by post or through our publications. However, in order to ensure that the process is cost effective, most consultations take place online where you can view and submit contributions.

In this section you will be able to:

  • take part in the current consultation activities and help shape the future of the District
  • find out about our recent consultations and how they have informed decisions. The information is available in table form and via a calendar
  • share your ideas, tell your stories, and join conversations on our Let's Talk Bradford District engagement website
  • find out ways of getting involved in community activity through our "people can" initiative



Consultation end date

A National Nature Reserve for Bradford

Thu 29/02/2024

Various Streets in the Bradford South Constituency (Speed Limit Order) (No. 12) Order 2023

Thu 29/02/2024

Various Streets in the Shipley Constituency (Speed Limit Order) (No. 14) Order 2023

Thu 29/02/2024

Saltaire Village Active Travel Neighbourhood Experimental Traffic Regulation Order 2024

Thu 29/02/2024

Various Locations within the Bradford Metropolitan District: Off Street Parking Places Order 2024

Fri 01/03/2024

A650 Manningham Lane and Keighley Road, Manningham Moving Traffic Order

Fri 01/03/2024

Fagley Road, Bradford Waiting, Loading and Parking Order

Fri 01/03/2024

Bradford West Schools (Speed Limit Order) (No. 13) Order 2023

Mon 04/03/2024

Bradford East Schools (Speed Limit Order) (No. 11) Order 2023

Mon 04/03/2024

Waiting, Loading and Parking Order: Various sites, Keighley

Tue 05/03/2024

Highways Act 1980 - Section 119, Public Footpath at Cringles House Farm, Bradford Road, Silsden Diversion Order 2024

Thu 07/03/2024

Consultation on Public Spaces Protection Orders - dog control and dog fouling

Sun 10/03/2024

Bradford City Centre Cycling and Walking Improvements Scheme Experimental Traffic Regulation Order 2023

Thu 14/03/2024

Great Horton Road, Horton Grange Road, Horton Park Avenue Junctions Moving Traffic Order 2024

Thu 14/03/2024

Great Horton Road, Horton Grange Road, Horton Park Avenue Junctions Waiting Loading and Parking (No 2) Order 2024

Thu 14/03/2024

Thwaites Brow Road, Thwaites Moving Traffic Order 2023

Fri 15/03/2024

Wilsden Neighbourhood Plan consultation

Mon 18/03/2024

Public Footpath No 672, Bradford South - proposed modification order at Huddersfield Road, Woodside Road, Wyke, Bradford

Sat 23/03/2024

Park Lane, Queensbury, Speed Limit (No3) Order 2023

Thu 28/03/2024

Ilkley Grammar School Travel Arrangements consultation

Sun 31/03/2024

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