Bradford's youth crime prevention work brings together a number of organisations and projects aimed at preventing offending, anti-social behaviour and social exclusion.

The Bradford Youth Offending Team has a key role in preventing young people from getting into trouble as well as responding effectively to those who offend. The Audit Commission in its report ‘Misspent Youth’ 1996 identified the main risk factors that can lead to offending behaviour.

Asset and Onset - Guidance for youth justice practitioners was published in November 2006 and is available on the Youth Justice Board website.

The Youth Offending Team works in partnership with a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector partners to tackle these risk factors.

The Youth Offending Team also works closely with Bradford’s Community Safety Partnership to make the district a safer place for us to work and live.

Restorative Justice Clinics

Bradford YOT, West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Youth Service jointly run restorative justice clinics.

How do the clinics work?

  • The young person and parent will be invited to attend the clinic.
  • They will be helped to improve the behaviour of the young person and make amends for their actions which may include resolving issues with the victim of their behaviour (Restorative Justice).
  • Agree an action plan to improve their behaviour which will be monitored for a set period.

Who do they target?

Young people:

  • At the point of arrest for an offence as a diversion from the criminal justice system.
  • At risk of receiving formal sanction.
  • At high risk of offending identified by neighbourhood policing teams.
  • Identified as causing anti social behaviour as a prevention measure to divert from formal court action

What are the benefits for the young person and victims?

  • For those young people diverted from arrest they will not have a criminal record.
  • High risk young people receive help to not break the law.
  • Victims are directly engaged in the process and can gain greater satisfaction with how agencies have addressed their concerns.

The 3R programme

Bradford YOT is delivering the 3 R’s programme to young offenders who receive referral orders from court. The programme helps them to explore and understand their personal responsibilities and how they can play a more positive role in keeping Bradford safer for all.

RESPECT RIGHTS RESPONSIBILITY is a personal development programme that aims to instil a sense of belonging amongst young people and encourages tolerance, mutual respect and community cohesion.

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