New invoice management system for supplier invoices

Please note that we are updating our Invoice processing system.

Why are we doing this?

The new invoice management system (IMS) will automate and streamline our Accounts Payable processes.

This system has the following features:

Automate invoice entry and eliminate duplicates

  • IMS captures paper and email invoices automatically
  • Email and scanned invoices are processed through OCR 
  • Reducing data entry costs, improving validation and eliminating duplicates

Automate invoice matching for faster processing

  •  IMS automates 3-way matching for most invoices, automatically
  •  Touchless straight through processing for most invoices
  •  Exceptions highlighted for rapid resolution by AP

Supplier portal

In time the IMS supplier portal will:

  • provide answers to supplier queries
  • support the direct upload of invoices and invoice creation for small suppliers
  • allow suppliers to track the status of their invoices

This will deliver the following benefits

  • Streamline invoice processing by eliminating the source of processing bottlenecks and errors, ensuring prompt and accurate payments to suppliers
  • Give visibility of the AP process with invoice tracking from receipt through to payment

Please help us by following our payments process

We are working on accelerating payment of invoices by verifying and processing invoices as quickly as possible.

Please help us by co-operating with our requirements for the new process, set out below.

  • All invoices must be emailed to
  • They will be processed automatically -  this address is not monitored and other communications will not be picked up
  • For queries and other communications, please use
  • Invoices must be in PDF format
  • Each invoice must be separated so only one is included in each PDF file 
  • Emails with multiple attachments (invoices) may be submitted
  • All invoices must quote a Council Purchase Order number – failure to do so will result in delay or non-payment of the invoice
  • All invoices must have a date and unique invoice number

By following this guidance you will help to reduce the processing and communication issues that can lead to delays in payment.

When will the new system be introduced?

We are currently in the implementation phase.

Further updates will follow as soon as they are available. 

If you have any questions please email the Procure to Pay Team at