Economic Intelligence

Accurate and up to date analysis and data is a prerequisite to effective economic development within the District as it informs policy development and is essential for identifying priorities. Robust data at the local level is also essential in the bidding process for a variety of national and European funding programmes, which also require local level data for effective monitoring.

Bradford Council publishes a range of economic briefings on various topics using a variety of official data sources. These are updated on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the data source, and can be downloaded by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

Monthly Unemployment Update

The latest Monthly Unemployment Update (396kb) reports the numbers of Jobseekers Allowance claimants in the district.

Quarterly Economic Update

The Quarterly Economic Update (27kb) provides an analysis of key economic statistics and an overview of the current local and national economic conditions. It includes progress of new and ongoing regeneration projects and programmes, and case studies from across the district.

Local Economic Assessment

The Local Economic Assessment (LEA) (999kb) provides a broad understanding of the local economy and the economic, social and environmental factors that impact on economic growth in Bradford. This information informs economic development across the district, enabling better use of limited resources, and contributes to the sustainable development of the district. The local economic assessment was first produced in February 2011 with various sections being refreshed as more up to date data is published.

Neighbourhood Level Data

A range of economic and labour market data for Wards and smaller areas can be accessed though the Bradford Observatory.

Economic Intelligence documents

Sector profiles

Sector reports


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