Change of circumstances that may affect your benefit

Report a change of circumstance now

What sort of changes do I need to report?

You must tell us about any changes that could affect the amount of benefit that we pay you. This includes:

  • Income – tell us about a change of income for you, your partner and anybody else in your household
  • Household – such as moving to another property, someone else (including a partner) moving in or out
  • Other changes – this could include a change in the amount of savings you have, a change in rent or other outgoings or any other change of circumstance of you or any member of your household

How do I send evidence supporting the change I’m reporting?

You can send supporting evidence to us online.

Please note, this form is for submitting evidence only. To tell us about a change of circumstance, please use our change of circumstance form. Other benefits forms can be found on our applications form webpage.

Not telling us about changes could result in you:

  • losing benefit
  • having to pay back an overpayment

If a change to your circumstances means that we should pay you more benefit, you need to tell us about the change within a month or we won’t be able to pay the increase from the date of the change.

If a change means you will receive less benefit we always go back to the date of change.