Thinking of leaving home?

Find out what you need to know

People move out of home for a number of different reasons, it can be a really exciting time. You will have freedom, can stay up as late as you like and enjoy your own space.

It can be daunting time too, we have all been overwhelmed at the thought of cooking for ourselves, figuring everything out and trying to work out how to use the new washing machine for the first time.

Here are some top tips to make sure you stay on top in your new pad:

So now you have moved out to your own place you will be responsible for paying for everything. Gone are the days when you come home to a fully stocked fridge and not having to think about paying the gas bill.

Find out which day your rent is due to be paid and make sure you pay it on time. You can set up a direct debit or set a reminder to transfer the money to your landlord at the same time each month.

If you are receiving housing benefit this is often paid straight to your landlord, however this will be changing with the introduction of Universal Credit so you receive your housing benefit and then have to transfer the month across. Find out more from this DWP video about Universal Credit.

It is often cheaper to have both your gas and electricity with the same provider and you have the right to switch to any supplier you choose. You can use the Uswitch website to find the best deal for you.

The same goes for Council Tax, it needs to be paid the same day each month, so the best thing to do is set up a direct debit. Your council will write to you when you move in outlining how much you need to pay and on which dates. Keep any important information like this in a folder so it is in a safe place all together.

If you have a TV and you watch live programme you will need to get a TV licence. You can register on the TV Licensing website.

If you are renting the property you will be expected to keep it clean. Take care of your place, it’s your home now. Your landlord will expect you to look after the property but also if you don’t you will increase the risk of being evicted, of getting mould or worse, mice. If your place is messy or dirty you can get sick so clean regularly and open the window to get fresh air in at least once a week. If you live with flatmates decide early on a cleaning rota.

Change your bed sheets regularly. It is recommended you change your sheets once a week! Some people find it helpful to do this on the same day every week, such as every Sunday night. When we sleep, we sweat and dead skills cells fall into our bed, bacteria and germs live in our bedsheets – so wash them, dry them and change them! You might want to invest in two sets of sheets so you can put new ones on whilst the others dry.

Check out this video about the most effective way to wash your sheets.

Most importantly, enjoy your new place. Invite your friends over, cook your own food, and don’t forget to take out the bin out!

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