Why should I consider switching to an Electric Taxi in Bradford?

New funding of £1.7m available for Bradford taxi owners!

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Since 2019, Bradford Council has been working to support drivers, including Taxi drivers, to switch to zero emission vehicles.

Because electric motors don't emit Nitrogen Oxides, it means once you switch to an electric vehicle your car will no longer create pollution which will improve the air quality in the district for you, your family and everyone else.

Grants are also available to help cover their running costs for the next 2 years.

You will also benefit from 

  • A network of at least ENGIE 88 rapid charging points electric vehicle charging points across West Yorkshire
  • 22 rapid charging points live and available for use within the Bradford District
  • all ENGIE network charging points are completely free to use until 29 October 2021

All charging points are situated in key locations, such as local authority car parks, leisure centres and retail car parks to ensure convenience.

All ENGIE network charging points are powered by 100% renewable energy and have both a fast 22kW AC port and a more powerful rapid 50kW DC connector, which typically provides an 80% charge in under an hour, depending on your vehicle.

Find out how you can access the ENGIE network by visiting the ENGIE website.

For more information on electric vehicle support please see our Bradford Council webpage.

To check out all of the UK's publically available electric vehicle charge points visit Zap-map's website.

Apply for the Clean Air Taxi Programme here

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