What help is available?

Do I need to pay?

Passenger cars and motorbikes are not charged to drive in Bradford’s Clear Air Zone.

It doesn’t matter where you live or if you use your car for work.

Check your vehicles on the Government vehicle checker website.

This will let you know if your vehicle will be charged for driving into any of the Clean Air Zones in the UK including Bradford. This is the same process for private and business vehicles.

Light Goods Vehicles and Car-Derived Vans that do not meet the emissions standards required are chargeable regardless of their use, be it private or business. Bradford residents and businesses can apply for an exemption to charges for such vehicles, provided they were owned before 26 September 2022.

You do not need to apply for a grant or exemption in Bradford’s Clean Air Zone if you are driving a passenger car or motorbike; or the vehicle you are driving meets the required emission standards. It doesn’t matter if you live outside the Bradford District or if you use your vehicle for work purposes.

Please see the Clean Air Zone Charging Table to check the required standard for your vehicle type.

Vehicles that do not meet emissions standards will be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone.

To identify the Euro standard of your vehicle, check your V5c document or contact the DVLA.

Check if your vehicle is exempt or you need to pay here.

What if I have to pay?

If the vehicle checker shows that your vehicle will be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone there are options available to you. We have established the most extensive exemptions programme of any CAZ authority, with businesses and residents allowed to exempt certain vehicles.

Businesses and charities

Local businesses and registered charities can apply for up to 3 vehicle exemptions from CAZ charges. Businesses up to Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), which includes self-employed/sole-traders can apply

Certain types of vehicles have a National or Local exemption such as Charity and Community Transport Vehicles or School buses and coaches. Find out if national and local exemptions could apply to your vehicles on our exemptions page.

If you will regularly have to pay to drive in Bradford Clean Air Zone, we can provide grants to help you replace your vehicle with a cleaner compliant one, or adapt (retrofit or repower) your vehicle so that it meets the required emission standards.

For many businesses, upgrading to a compliant vehicle could be a cost-effective alternative to paying the charge over the longer term, in Bradford and in other Clean Air Zones. It may also offer businesses cost savings in fuel and maintenance.

Grants are still available to help Bradford businesses, find out more on our grants page.

To help you inform your those people that visit your location whether it be customers or suppliers we have created the following items that you can use or download for use in your organisation on our resources page.


If you drive a private car or motorbike there is no charge, you do not need to apply for an exemption.

If your vehicle is not registered by the DVLA as a private car or motorbike then households in the Bradford District can apply for an exemption from CAZ charges for 1 vehicle, this includes vans, horseboxes, motorhomes and camper vans.

Find out if national and local exemptions could apply on our exemptions page.