How to pay the daily CAZ charge

You will need to pay a daily charge to drive in the Bradford Clean Air Zone (CAZ) if your vehicle does not meet required emission standards and is not exempt.

Passenger cars will not be charged to drive in the Bradford Clean Air Zone. There will be charges for all non-compliant vehicle types.

Light Goods Vehicles and Car-Derived Vans that do not meet the emissions standards required are chargeable regardless of their use, be it private or business. Campervans and Motorhomes are chargeable if they do not meet the emissions standards according to their body type and vehicle class. Bradford residents and businesses can apply for an exemption to charges for such vehicles, provided they were owned before 26 September 2022. 

To identify the Euro standard of a vehicle, check your V5c document or contact the DVLA.

You can use the government website, to check whether charges will apply to your vehicle in Bradford and other Zones. If you’re a business or organisation, you can check multiple vehicles.

Pay a CAZ charge

Payment must be made online at or by calling the National Contact Centre on 0300 029 8888 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and Saturday, 8am to 4pm).

You can pay 6 days before the day of your visit, on the day of your visit or up to 6 days after the day of your visit.

A 'day' is classified as midnight to midnight, not 24 hours from when you enter the zone. During that midnight to midnight timeframe, you can enter and leave the zone numerous times and only incur a single charge. However if you cross the midnight threshold you will be charged for two days.

You will not receive a notification or alert advising you that you have entered the zone and payment is due; you as a driver are fully responsible for understanding and managing all payments.
You will receive a £120 penalty charge plus the road user charge if you drive a non-compliant vehicle in the Bradford CAZ and fail to pay any daily charge due within the payment window.

Set up an account

You can set up a business user account to manage and process payments on the Drive in a clean air zone portal at to help you check multiple vehicles, assign account managers and set up a Bank Mandate. 

To create an account you'll need your company name, an email address and upload a CSV file of your vehicle registration numbers..

Set up an account

Businesses with an account can now set up a Bank Payment Mandate to pay their Bradford CAZ charges.