Business Webinar

Webinar on 17 February 2022

Electric vehicles go beyond the compliant vehicle standards set in the Bradford Clean Air Zone, there is no exhaust emissions from these vehicles. We are offering additional support and funding for these vehicles.

We hosted a webinar on 17 February to help find out more about the costs and benefits of electric vehicles, local charging networks and also the grants which are available for Bradford District businesses.

If you are a taxi, van or LGV owner based in the Bradford District you will be affected by the Bradford Clean Air Zone (CAZ).

Presentations were done by Fiona Appleton, Regional Manager, Energy Savings Trust and Sally Jones, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for Bradford Clean Air Plan Team followed by a question and answer session. 

You can view the presentation slides from 17 February here (PDF, 1 Mb).

Webinar on 23 November 2021

A webinar for businesses in the Bradford district was hosted on 23 November 2021. The presentation described the planned charges, grants and exemptions available to businesses and individuals who will be affected by the planned Clean Air Zone, with a particular focus on the LGV and minibuses grants programme. The webinar was hosted by Barney Mynott, Development Manager, Federation of Small Businesses, and included a presentation by Graham Feather from Bradford Council's Clean Air Team.

The presentation slides from 23 November can also be viewed here (PDF).

Webinar on 17 June 2021

A webinar for businesses in the Bradford district was hosted on 17 June 2021. The presentation about the planned Clean Air Zone was hosted by Andrew Whittles, Clean Air Zone Manager for Bradford Council. 

The event explained what the Clean Air Zone is, why it is needed and where it will be. It also offered information about the grants available to businesses in the run up to the Clean Air Zone to ensure your business vehicles are compliant.

The presentation slides from 17 June can also be viewed here (PDF).