Air Quality Management Areas

Local Air Quality Management in Bradford

The government sets health-based air quality standards and objectives relating to common pollutants found in cities, these are the levels we must meet in Bradford.  More information about current UK air quality standards and objectives can be found here UK air quality standards and objectives (PDF).

The Environment Act 1995 requires all local authorities to review and assess air quality in their areas and declare Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) where objectives are unlikely to be met. Once an AQMA is declared the council has a further 18 months to develop an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) setting out the steps to be taken to improve air quality.

Progress on improving air quality has to be reported to government every year in the Annual Status Report (ASR). Together these steps are called Local Air Quality Management.

Bradford currently has 4 AQMAs. These are located close to the city centre at Manningham Lane, Thornton Road, Mayo Avenue / Manchester Road and Shipley Airedale Road. The AQMAs were declared in 2006 due to exceedance of the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air quality objectives. Since 2006 air quality in the AQMAs has considerably improved. The recently established Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is expected to deliver compliance within all the AQMAs. The AQMA orders and maps can be viewed below. For more information on current air quality in these areas and the wider city view the most recent Annual Status Report (ASR).