Find out about air quality near you

We have produced a map that provides modelled concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) across some of the district in 2018 and 2022. This modelled data was originally produced to predict the impact of introducing the Clean Air Zone.

The modelled values for 2018 have already been validated against monitoring data collected in 2018 and are a good indication of what air quality was like near you prior to the introduction of the CAZ (and before the covid-19 pandemic).

We are currently undertaking extensive monitoring across the district to evaluate how successful the CAZ has been and will update the modelling work again in due course. You can find out more about air quality in the district on the Air Quality Monitoring pages.

To use the map, click the Layers icon, switch on the relevant year, and refresh the screen.

 About the data:

  • this data gives the annual average concentration of nitrogen dioxide at a location. This is because concentrations vary throughout the day, depending on traffic levels and weather conditions.
  • the government measures nitrogen dioxide levels against a legal limit of 40 micrograms per metre cubed of air (40ug/m3), which is also an annual average figure.
  • this data has been modelled at a height of 2 metres from the ground. As height and distance from the centre of the road increase, pollution levels fall due to dispersion.
  • this data does not identify any localised short-term issues, e.g. a bonfire.
  • there is an improvement in air quality across the entire area, including areas outside the Clean Air Zone, as ‘dirtier’ vehicles are discouraged from entering the zone and the proportion of ‘clean’ vehicles increases across the district.
  • data for 2022 includes traffic which is predicted to divert around the Clean Air Zone.
  • if data for your street is not included, this is because it is outside the study area. The study area did not include areas where levels of air pollution are low and did not require modelling.
  • this data has been examined in detail by independent government experts and has been found to be reliable.