STI clinics fears and myths

There are a lot of fears and myths around STI clinics. Read on to find out whether they are true or not!

Myth: Going to a clinic and getting an STI test causes pain and embarrassment

STI tests are pain free. They might involve:

  • A urine sample
  • A blood sample
  • Swabs from the urethra
  • An examination of your genitals
  • Swab from the vagina (if you’re female), which can usually be done yourself

All of the doctors and nurses have been fully trained and see hundreds of people’s genitalia every week, so there’s no need to be embarrassed or worried about whipping it out in front of them!

Myth: STI tests and treatments are too expensive

All STI tests and treatments are free! There is no payment involved.

Myth: The only people who use STI/GUM clinics are promiscuous and dirty

People who use STI clinics are those that care about their health and wellbeing. STI clinics are there to help you stay safe and healthy.

Myth: People will find out if I have been to a GUM clinic

Your visit to an STI clinic is fully confidential. You can even give them a fake name, however if you have to go back after your test you’ll need to remember which name you gave!

Myth: If I don’t have any symptoms of an STI I don’t need to get tested

False! Some STIs don’t have any symptoms at all. It is important you get checked out to check for these!

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