Condoms are very effective if used properly – they protect both of you from STIs (including HIV) as well as being a contraceptive – and they're free at the CaSH (Contraception & Sexual Health) Clinic, Young Person's Clinic and some GPs. Remember though that some sexually transmitted infections can pass across through foreplay, oral, anal and vaginal sex - so think about what you do and when you use a condom.

Free condoms

There are many places you can get condoms for free:  

  • Locala clinics
  • Young people's drop-ins
  • Some GPs
  • Sexual health services in schools
  • GUM clinics
  • Youth Service (youth cafes)

You can also buy some contraceptives at chemists and condoms are also available to buy in most shops, supermarkets and public toilets.

With any contraception how reliable it is depends on how well it is being used – so it’s important to find out as much as you can about a method (before you need to use it!)

Where to find out more

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