Looking for a job?

When looking for work it is important to remember that you are promoting yourself in the best way. You want them to choose you rather than someone else.

  • Local and national newspapers tend to advertise every day but may have a special day when they have more jobs vacancies than others
  • Online with specialist websites. There are a number of specific websites that you can use when looking for work, such as Indeed or Monster
  • Contacting companies directly. This can prove very useful. It gives you the opportunity to let companies know that you are interested in working for them.
  • Ask friends and family. Let friends, family and neighbours know that you are looking. Ask them to tell you if they hear anything, or if vacancies crop up at their firms
  • Keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes firms will simple advertise on in-house notice boards, particularly those companies in retail and those that employ part time staff

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