Remembrance Services with road closures

Remembrance Services 2023

On Sunday 12 November, there will be Services of Remembrance at the War Memorial’s across the Bradford district. There will be specific road closures at some of the services and traffic may also be held for a short time for other services at around 11am for a two minute silence.

Details of services with specific road closures are as follows:

Addingham - St Peter’s Church, Church Street LS29 0QS

Road closures - 11.30am to 12.30pm. Main Street from Bolton Road to Church Street, Church Street from Main Street to Sycamore Drive, North Street from Church Street to Beacon Street. Location map

Baildon - Shroggs, Hawksworth Road

Road closures - 2pm to 3pm. Hawksworth Road from Bingley Road to Moorgate, Moorgate from Hawksworth Road to Northgate, Northgate from Moorgate to Hallcliffe, Browgate from Hallcliffe to Baildon Road, Baildon Road from Browgate to Station Road. Location map

Bingley - Bingley Arts Centre, Main Street

Road closures - 10am to 1pm. Main Street from Ferncliffe Road to Park Road, and the full length of the following roads Myrtle Place, Myrtle Grove, Queen Street, Airedale Street. Location map

Bradford City Centre

The service will take place in City Park this year due to the extensive groundworks taking place in the areas around the cenotaph. No specific road closures will need to be in place.

Cullingworth - War Memorial, Halifax Road

Road closures - 10.30am to 11.30am. Halifax Road from Keighley Road to Haworth Road. Location map

Eldwick - War Memorial, Otley Road

Road closures - 11am to 12noon. Otley Road from The Green to Sheriff Lane, Saltaire Road from Otley Road to Hunterscombe Court. Location map

Greengates - St John’s Community Church, Harrogate Road

Road closures - 10.30am to 11.30am. Harrogate Road from Tenterfields to New Line. Traffic will also be held at all junctions around the War Memorial from 10.55 to 11.05am. Location map 

Haworth - War Memorial Bridgehouse Lane

Road closures - 11.30am to 12.30pm. Station Road from Oak Street to Bridgehouse Lane, Bridgehouse Lane from Belle Isle to Station Road, Brow Road from Station Road to Thomas Street. Location map

Ilkley - Whitton Croft Road, Ilkley

Road closures - 2.20pm to 4pm. Whitton Croft Road its full length, Chantry Drive from Whitton Croft Road to Station Road, Station Road from Cowpasture Road to The Grove, The Grove from Brook Street to Regent Road, Grove Road from The Grove to Kings Road, Bolton Bridge Road from the Grove to Regent Road. Location map

Keighley - War Memorial, Cooke Street        

Road closures - 9am to 12noon. Russell Street from Scott Street to North Street, Cooke Street its full length, Lawkholme Crescent its full length, North Street from Alice Street to High Street, Church Street its full length, Bow Street from North Street to Lawkholme Crescent, Cavendish Street from North Street to Henry Street, High Street from North Street to Bridge Street (at roundabout). Location map 

Oakworth - The War Memorial, Chapel Lane, BD22 7HX

Road closures - 10.30am to 11.30am. Chapel Lane from Dockroyd Lane to Park Avenue. Location map

Queensbury - Albert Crescent, Queensbury BD13 1PB

Road closures - 10am to 12noon. Albert Crescent its full length, Sharket Head Close from Albert Crescent to Albert Road, Albert Road from Chapel Street to High Street, High Street its full length, Granby Street from West End to Briggs Street, West End from High Street to New Park Road, Russell Hall Lane from West End for 40 meters. Location map 

Silsden - War Memorial, Kirkgate

Road closures - 10.30am to 11.15am. Kirkgate from Wesley Place to Bolton Road, Bolton Road from Bell Square to Kirkgate, Wesley Place its full length. Location map

Wilsden - The War Memorial, Main Street BD15 0AQ          

Road closures - 10.30am to 11.30am. Main Street from Crack Lane to Crooke Lane. Location map