General highways enquiries (excluding potholes)

Please note that in order to receive prompt and efficient service, where there are multiple issues or issues on different streets, please report each issue on a separate form.

Use this form to report:

  • Public litter bins which require emptying
  • Grass and grass verges which require cutting or trimming
  • Overhanging public trees (not within the boundary of a private property) which require pruning
  • Weed removal from a highway or footpath

Other forms are available to report:

Fields marked with an * are required for the form to be submitted. Please give your email address or a telephone number so we can contact you about your enquiry.

To deal with your enquiry or request, we need to collect information from you. This could include your name, your address (if the request relates to where you live), your email address (to contact you) and other relevant details.

The information we need will vary, depending on what your enquiry is about.
Our privacy notice explains how Bradford Council keeps your information secure, how long we keep it, and how we use the information that we collect.

Providing us with your email address or telephone number will allow us to contact you if we require further details
Name of street requiring attention

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