Freedom of information request

The Freedom of Information Act:

  1. applies to documentation or electronic data held by a public body, ie a concrete piece of information, not an opinion, an explanation or a view
  2. obliges public bodies to disclose that information, unless one of the exemptions detailed in the legislation is applicable

To deal with your enquiry or request, we need to collect information from you. This could include your name, your address (if the request relates to where you live), your email address (to contact you) and other relevant details.

The information we need will vary, depending on what your enquiry is about.

Our privacy notice explains how Bradford Council keeps your information secure, how long we keep it, and how we use the information that we collect.

To help us find the records you want, please complete as many of the details on this form as you can; you must give us the information which is marked by an *. Please give your email address or a telephone number so we can contact you about your enquiry.

The more details that you are are able to give us the easier it will be for us to deal with your request.

If you give us your email address we can reply to you in an email

Please provide a precise description of the information your require. If your description is not clear we may need to contact you for more information before we can deal with your request.

We will contact you by email and will send you the information that you require by email. If you also require a paper copy of the information, please fill in the box below.