What your money is spent on

Public consultation on the 2016-17 budget and Council Tax proposals has now closed

The Council’s revenue budget pays for day to day spending on services.

Setting the budget isn’t just about spending cuts. It’s also about how we allocate the reduced resources at our disposal and work together with others in order to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for the District.

Adult and Community Services - £122.4 million

Adult and Community Services work to meet the social care needs of older and vulnerable adults and provide support to carers. They do this through providing services directly, commissioning services from other organisations and working closely with health services.

Transport Assistance - £9.9 million

The Council provides travel support to some vulnerable children and adults.

Children’s Services - £72 million

Children’s Services, working with the District’s schools and education providers, are responsible for education support and early years services including school places planning, special educational needs and children’s centres. Services also support the delivery of skills and training for employment. Specialist services are provided to children looked after by the Council, those at risk of harm or with disabilities and supporting families.

Environment, Sport and Culture - £47.4 million

Many of the Council’s ‘bread and butter’ services that are available to everyone are provided by Environment, Sport and Culture. These include refuse collection, cleansing, sports facilities, libraries, museums, parks and environmental health. The service provides support to local communities, youth services and the Council’s wardens service and it works with the Police to keep communities safe.

Regeneration - £36.7 million

Regeneration provides support for economic growth, attracting investment, developing and maintaining the District’s infrastructure and housing services. It includes planning, highways and street lights and is responsible for maintaining and managing Council buildings.

Finance and ICT - £27.4 million

In addition to providing financial, insurance and ICT support to Council services the Finance Department collects Council tax and other income and is responsible for paying benefits.

Support Services - £17 million

Support services – legal, human resources and Chief Executive’s office – support the delivery of front line services and play key roles in supporting decision making, managing communications and public information and in helping to deliver efficiency and transform services.

Non Service Expenditure - £68 million

Non service spending includes £49 million to pay for the cost of borrowing for the Council’s capital programme. This invests in priorities across the District, for example, in new accommodation for older and vulnerable people, school places, sports facilities, roads, bridges and housing programmes. No new borrowing has been taken out in recent years. Other non service spending includes contributions to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority for economic and transport infrastructure.

Public Health - £41 million

Public Health commissions a range of services including school nursing, health visiting, drug and substance misuse etc. The service also funds some Council activity that supports better health, such as social care and environmental health. Government funding for the Public Health Department is provided specifically for public health so it cannot be treated in the same way as other budgets when the Council is trying to make savings. Although the Government itself has cut £2.6 million from this year’s public health budget the Council cannot make reductions in the remaining budget in order to help balance the books.

The Government has also said that it will cut Public Health funding by another 24% over the next four years which would mean a reduction in Bradford’s funding of £7.5 million.

Here are just some of the things we currently spend your money on:

£122.4 million: services to elderly and vulnerable people
£31.2 million: looking after children under the Council’s care
£1.7 million: safeguarding the wellbeing of children
£8.1 million: supporting children and families through Children’s Centres
£4.2 million: keeping streets clean
£23.5 million: refuse collection, waste disposal and recycling
£3.8 million: parks and open spaces
£3.2 million: tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
£8.3 million: museums and libraries
£6.5 million: sports facilities (on top of entry charges)
£3.8 million: economic development and job creation
£5.7million: street lighting
£2.5 million: youth services