Bradford Council’s Equality and Diversity Statement

This statement outlines the Council’s commitment to equality across the district and within the Council. It provides a focus and overview of the Council’s commitment of making our district a fairer and more equitable place and improving the quality of life for everyone in Bradford. Reducing inequality and delivering the Council’s equality objectives can only be delivered effectively if it is embedded across the organisation and within partnership working.

The Council aims to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations across all protected characteristics in all its activities including its decision-making, policy development, budget setting, procurement and commissioning, service delivery and employment functions.

The Council recognises the diversity of the people and the communities of the district and is committed to:

  • Working with our partners and the district’s many communities to understand and meet the needs of individuals and communities, and improve their opportunities, wellbeing and ability to live together productively.
  • Tackling areas of potential discrimination to ensure that services, employment and training and development opportunities are offered equitably and appropriately.
  • Ensuring that all services provided by or on behalf of the Council are appropriate, inclusive, accessible and fair.
  • Involving the wider community, service users, employees and partner organisations in consultation and the impact assessment of policies and financial decisions to ensure that views are taken account of.
  • Ensuring that our employees are recognised as our greatest resource and our employment and recruitment policies reflect our commitment to equalities and best practice.
  • Striving to achieve a workforce that reflects the diversity of the district.
  • Ensuring that all contractors directly supplying goods and services or working on behalf of the Council comply with the relevant equality legislation and promote good practice.
  • Building closer links with all communities across the district and using our influence within the local community to giving a lead to other employers, partners and other local agencies to promote equalities.

The Council will ensure that its principles and priorities are informed and underpinned by these commitments.

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