Understanding Bradford District

The ‘Understanding Bradford District’ (UBD) report provides a comprehensive analysis of Bradford District. It has been designed to inform work on prioritisation as well as share accurate and reliable analysis of the District with Bradford’s stakeholders – citizens, partners and businesses – to help build a collective understanding of the District.

The report draws together a range of evidence and intelligence produced by the Council and partners into one document that highlights key issues and opportunities for the District.

The UBD summary presents the executive summary and chapter highlights from the full report. It includes a focus on issues raised throughout the analysis that have an impact across more than one thematic area. In particular it aims to highlight the key drivers that are shaping the current position of the District and its future opportunities and challenges.

The full report includes an introduction on the people and places of the district, as well as thematic chapters on:

  1. Education 
  2. Employment and Skills 
  3. Economic Activity 
  4. Health and Wellbeing 
  5. Social Care and Financial Exclusion 
  6. Housing 
  7. Environment 
  8. Safer and Stronger Communities

The full report also acts as a front door to other analysis and includes links to supporting notes that explore particular issues in more detail.

An “in your pocket” guide presents key statistics drawn from the analysis that will be kept up to date on a quarterly basis.

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