Local Government Association (LGA) Corporate Peer Challenge

At the request of our Chief Executive, Kersten England and the Leader of the Council, Councillor Hinchcliffe, during March 2017 Bradford Council welcomed a Local Government Association (LGA) Peer Review Team to Bradford to undertake a Corporate Peer Challenge.

A team of six local government professionals led by the Chief Executive of Wigan Council, Donna Hall and Councillor Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council spent four days in Bradford.

The Corporate Peer Challenge (CPC) is a proven tool for improvement and provides an in-depth evaluation, shares learning and helps to identify areas to improve.

They reviewed the following five areas:

  1. Understanding of the local place and priority setting
    (does the council understand its local context and place to inform a clear vision and priorities)
  2. Leadership of Place
    (does the Council provide effective leadership of place such as economic and other partnerships beyond the Council’s borders through its elected members, officers and constructive relationships and partnerships with external stake-holders)
  3. Financial planning and viability
    (does the council have a long term viability and is there evidence that it is being implemented successfully)
  4. Organisational leadership and governance
    (is there effective political and managerial leadership supported by good governance and decision making arrangements that respond to key challenges and enable change and transformation to be implemented)
  5. Capacity to deliver
    (is organisational capacity aligned with priorities and does the Council influence, enable and leverage external capacity to focus on agreed outcomes).

During the four day review the team spoke to more than 260 people, including a range of Council staff together with councillors, external partners, stakeholders and young people, gathered information and views from more than 60 meetings and undertook additional research and reading. The team spent over 200 hours to determine their findings.

Review report and findings

Next steps

An improvement action plan designed to address the findings of the report will be presented to the Council’s Executive Committee in September 2017.

For further details please contact David Greenwood at dave.greenwood@bradford.gov.uk

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