Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets out the Council’s priorities and how they will be delivered over the period 2013 – 2014.

The agreed corporate priorities consist of two transformational outcomes:

  • Transforming educational outcomes by improving attainment 
  • Promoting prosperity by driving regeneration to support the district’s economy, jobs and skills.

Plus four priorities focused on protecting the wellbeing of the district:

  • Supporting and safeguarding the most vulnerable adults, children and families 
  • Securing an adequate supply of decent and affordable homes 
  • Reducing health inequalities 
  • Maintaining safe, clean and welcoming neighbourhoods.

The Corporate Plan outlines how we contribute to the shared vision for the district, which was developed with district partners and is part of our Community Strategy.

The plan also sets out the purpose of the Council itself: Working with citizens and partners to protect and improve the district’s quality of life. Five organisational aims follow from this purpose:

  • Providing community leadership 
  • Being customer and citizen focused 
  • Managing resources 
  • Creating a smart organisation 
  • Developing and supporting our workforce

The Council’s values are set out in the Corporate Plan, which confirms the Council’s commitment to:

  • Honesty, trust and respect 
  • Fairness and equality 
  • Value for money 
  • Innovation and improvement

The full detail of the current corporate plan can be found in the PDF document on this page.