Baildon Ward Forum

Wednesday 30 November 2016

6.30pm to 8pm

Ian Clough Hall
Hall Cliffe
BD17 6ND


  1. Welcome & Introductions. (5 minutes)
  2. Meet the Neighbourhood Policing Team - Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will update you on their work and listen to your concerns and your suggestions for local priorities. (15 minutes)
  3. Bradford Magistrates – Andrew W McLauchlan JP will attend to talk to residents about the role of Magistrates including how to become one and how they are working with communities. (10 minutes)
  4. Gritting – Presentation on gritting and update on Baildon gritting routes (Dave Mazurke - Highways Maintenance Operations Manager). (10 minutes)
  5. Emergency Planning in Baildon Ward: Chris Slaven - Emergency Planning Officer. (10 minutes)
  6. Libraries Update for Baildon: Mandy Webb - Branch Libraries Development and Change Manager. (10 minutes)
  7. Green Dog Walkers – Representatives from Baildon Golf Club will attend to discuss ways in which they can support/encourage dog walkers on Baildon Moor to be responsible citizens and clean-up after their dogs. (5 minutes)
  8. Baildon Dementia Group – Find out about dementia and how you can support local people with dementia. (5 minutes)
  9. Networking and Questions – Opportunity to discuss in more detail with Officers and Councillors any issues or questions and find out more information. (15 minutes)

Contact Shipley Area Co-ordinator's Office on 01274 437146

Contact details

Shipley Area Co-ordinator's Office
Town Hall
BD18 3EJ

Phone : 01274 437146
Email :

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