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There is a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in force in the Bradford district relating to the consumption of alcohol and intoxicating substances (formerly referred to as ‘Legal Highs’). This covers an area of Bradford City Centre and some outskirts of the City. There are also PSPOs with the same conditions relating to alcohol consumption covering areas of Bingley, Shipley, Keighley and West Bowling. It is an offence under these PSPO to refuse, when asked by an authorised officer, to stop drinking and/or surrender the alcohol to the authorised officer. If an offence is committed, a notice is given that an offence has been committed and a request to pay a fine, or prosecution will follow. If an individual complies with the officers’ request, no offence is committed.

What is the wording of the Order?

The wording of the Order includes:

  • A person must not without reasonable excuse consume or intend to consume alcohol in the restricted area or ingest, inhale, smoke or otherwise use "legal highs".
  • If a Police Constable, authorised Police Community Support Officer or authorised Council Officer reasonably believes a person is intending to consume alcohol, and having informed that person that it is an offence, the officer may ask them to stop and surrender the alcohol and the officer may then dispose of it.
  • The authorised officer may also issue a fixed penalty notice of £100 which if unpaid may lead to prosecution in the magistrates court and upon conviction to a fine of up to £500 and £1000 (alcohol related offences or use of legal highs respectively).

How many times has alcohol been confiscated since the start of the Order?

Since its implementation in March 2017, alcohol has been confiscated 497 times (up to 6 June 2018).

How many offences relating to Legal Highs have been committed since the start of the Order?

Since March 2017, no offence has been committed relating to Legal Highs.

How many notices have been issued since the start of the Order?

Since March 2017, 6 Notices of Offence have been issued, for failing to surrender alcohol.

How many officers enforce the PSPO?

There are 5 Council officers authorised to enforce the PSPO.

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