Shipley - Community Chest and Area Committee Funding

Criteria and notes for applicants

  1. Grants awarded will be to a maximum of £350. 
  2. Projects which operate in more than one Constituency can be considered by a number of Area Committees, but the total grant awarded will not normally exceed £500. 
  3. Applications are particularly welcome from new projects, innovative schemes and from previously unfunded groups. 
  4. Successful applicants must recognise and acknowledge the support of Shipley Area Committee in publicity materials, where appropriate (for example on your website, in leaflets, programmes and minutes). An electronic copy of our logo and small plaques are available on request. 
  5. A short report on the project and copies of receipts evidencing how all the money was spent should be submitted within six months of a grant being awarded. If monitoring information is not received within six months, further applications will not be accepted for the subsequent twelve month period.
  6. Failure to fully complete the application form with all the relevant information will result in the application being rejected or deferred to the next meeting. 
  7. A copy of the group’s constitution must be provided and most recently independently examined accounts (except for applications for start up grants). Two quotations should be provided for each item to be purchased. 
  8. Ongoing costs such as venue hire and staffing will only be funded through a start-up grant for new organisations. 
  9. Grants will not normally be provided for ICT-related equipment or websites. 
  10. Applications will not usually be considered for trips except in exceptional circumstances. 
  11. Small Grants can be awarded to individuals who live in the Shipley Area and are engaged in exceptional sporting, artistic or voluntary work. 
  12. Applications are welcome from groups where other funding/fundraising has been secured. 
  13. Groups/organisations should not expect to receive more than one grant in a two year period. 
  14. Applications can be received at any time. 
  15. The organisation should be a non-profit making voluntary organisation where membership is open. Grants will not usually be awarded to organisations that have paid staff. 
  16. Projects should not contravene the Council’s Equality Policy. 
  17. Grants cannot be used to fund religious or political activities. 
  18. Applications from pre-school groups must enclose a letter of support from the Shipley Pre-School Learning Alliance. 
  19. If you are applying for activities for children or vulnerable adults you must include a copy of your organisation’s child/vulnerable adult safeguarding policy and enhanced CRB/DBS ID number(s) and expiry date(s) as evidence that checks have been completed. 
  20. Grants cannot be awarded for events/purchases that have already taken place, ie retrospective payments. 
  21. Applications for school curricular activities will not be funded. 
  22. Please note that some of the data collected as part of this funding bid is shared with internal and external partners as well as the funded projects being publicised electronically, in funding reports, in the media and other methods of distributing the information. It is also possible that this information may be released in accordance with a Freedom of Information request.

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Contact details

Shipley Area Co-ordinator's Office
Shipley Town Hall
BD18 3EJ

Phone : 01274 437146
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