Be neighbourly - a guide for Bradford district residents

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‘be neighbourly’ aims to encourage and support neighbours to be more neighbourly and to make their neighbourhoods friendlier places to live.

‘be neighbourly’ wants to help to decrease loneliness through increasing connections between neighbours and encourage more help during the winter months.

Organising and taking part together in simple activities is a great way to build a stronger sense of belonging to your local community. It can also help to reduce isolation of lonely and vulnerable neighbours by providing opportunities for social contact and friendship.

Planning activities

  • Start simple – get together with neighbours you know and share ideas.
  • Go door to door and talk to your neighbours face to face.
  • Try to involve everyone on your street not just people you already know.
  • Decide on what kind of activities you would like to do for example, coffee morning, pot luck dinner party, street clean up, a plant swap, bulb planting, book swap, street cafe or family fun day.
  • Share contact details with your neighbours and stay in touch.
  • Keep things going – try to keep the neighbourly connections eg set up a Neighbourhood Watch or become a Street Champion

When is best to hold the activity?

  • Sundays are often the best - fewer people work and for many it is a ‘family day’
  • Late spring, summer or early autumn are the best dates.

Involve everyone

  • The most successful events or activities involve as many neighbours as possible.
  • Invite people face to face and send out written invitations, but also remember some people will need encouragement.
  • Try to make sure that your activities involve different age groups eg family fun or games days.
  • If it involves food allow for different tastes, for example offer vegetarian food. Make sure you provide entertainment that’s suitable for all age groups.
  • If some of your neighbours have limited English try to find ways to communicate and include them as this will help everyone to feel welcome and part of the neighbourhood.
  • You may not be able to please everyone, but as long as you invite everyone, respect differences and don’t seriously inconvenience anyone your event or activity should run smoothly.

Dealing with any problems

  • What if some neighbours don’t agree with what you are doing? Listen to them – there may be some misunderstanding about what you are trying to do and why. Reassure them and try to put their minds at rest. The ‘be neighbourly’ team may be able to offer you some support just give us a call.

Street closures for events

If you want to do an activity that involves closing your street you should get some advice but most activities will not require it.

Help and more information

be neighbourly Support Team

01274 955010

Public Safety Liaison Group (Street Closures etc)

01274 434733

Neighbourhood Watch

01274 373958

Stronger Communities Team

01274 433793
Bradford Council 01274 431498

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Be neighbourly

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