Street naming and numbering

The address of a property is a very important issue. Organisations, postal services, emergency services and the general public need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties.

Request a new address

The Council are the official street naming and numbering authority for the Bradford District and are responsible for creating and maintaining address data for the District.

If your development involves the creation of a new address you should contact the Street Naming and Numbering Service as soon as you start on site. Most utilities will not provide connections without a Local Authority approved address.

Contact the Street Naming and Numbering Service to request a new address.

Make changes to an existing property or street

The Street Naming and Numbering Service also deals with changes of house/property names and street re-naming and renumbering.

Contact the Street Naming and Numbering Service to request an address change or make a query about an address.

Royal Mail will only accept new or amended address information from the Council and if your address is not registered with them it can cause difficulties.

Street name plates

The Council is responsible for ensuring that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions on every road within the Bradford District.

In the case of a new development, the developer is responsible for erecting name plates to the Council’s specification.

The Council is also responsible for the repair and maintenance of street nameplates when this become necessary due to accident, vandalism or normal wear and tear.

To report damaged or missing street name plates please fill in our online form or call 01274 431000.

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Council Switchboard : 01274 432111

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