Information for residents

When work is being carried out on your property, sometimes it may be necessary to have scaffolding erected so workmen can safely work at height.

Scaffolding is subject to many Health and Safety Regulation requirements and it is therefore advisable that you make sure that the people who are erecting it are competent, fully insured and carry appropriate industry accreditation.

You should always obtain the registered company name, address and contact telephone number of any contractors or sub-contractors working on your property so that they can be contacted in future should a problem occur – this is to protect your interests as you may be personally held liable financially for any incidents that occur as the person who has employed the contractor if that information is not available.

Reputable tradesmen will not refuse to provide such information.

In all cases where the Highway is affected by scaffolding, a licence is required.

Bradford Council operates a policy where licences for scaffolds are only issued to the company that is going to carry out the work. You should inform your contractor to apply as explained in the section below.

Information for scaffold companies

If you wish to erect a scaffold on the public highway (including footpaths, public rights of way, verges and the main carriageway) then you need to obtain permission from the Highway Authority to do so.

This is a legal requirement under the Highways Act 1980 and you may be fined or prosecuted if you fail to obtain the correct scaffolding licence.

If you are unsure whether your work will affect the Highway then please ring our contact centre on 01274 431000 and a member of the Highways Staff will respond to your query - usually within 5 days.

The scaffold design, construction and maintenance must comply with BS EN 12811-1:2003 and  NASC Technical guidance TG20:13, and within the provisions of the Highway Act 1980, Building Act 1984 and Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016

Valid Insurance Certificates for both Public and Employer Liability must accompany your application.  Public Liability Insurance shall be for a minimum of £5,000,000.

Types of licence and charges

Scaffold licences are charged for on a weekly basis per street affected and the height of the scaffold affects the cost of the licence. For scaffolds with a working platform over 5.5m tall a structural check is required. The costs are as follows:

Height of scaffold Cost
Scaffolds less than 5.5m in height £75 per week
Scaffolds greater than 5.5m in height with a working platform £155 structural check fee then £75 per week

The total cost of the scaffold licence will be calculated by our staff based on the number of weeks the scaffold is to remain in place.  This cost will be invoiced to you.

Unlicensed scaffolds

Any scaffold found with no licence will be investigated by Highway Staff and will be subject to a one-off retrospective charge and then the above weekly rates will apply.

Type of licence Weekly rate
Unlicensed scaffold £100 administration fee plus £75 per week that the scaffold has been in place

Illegal or dangerous scaffolds

Scaffolds found to be erected in an unsafe manner, or that are left in a condition that presents a danger to the public, or where unsafe working practices are observed may be removed by our contractor without prior warning utilising powers granted under Section 149 of the Highways Act 1980. The relevant costs for removal are as follows:

Type of licence Weekly rate
Removal of illegal or dangerous scaffold  £155 administration fee plus Removal/Storage fees at cost to be calculated by our contractor and/or potential fine on conviction of £5000*

*Prosecution proceedings are at the discretion of the Highway Authority

In all cases where an illegal scaffold is found, or where illegal practices are observed, the matter will be reported to industry accreditation bodies and the Health and Safety Executive.

How to apply

Download the application pack linked from this page and return it to

Please allow up to 10 working days for your application to be processed.